Audio/Video Production in Nashville Tennessee

Digital Editing/Digital Mastering/Custom CDs

Master, Assemble, Edit custom projects

bulletNon-destructive cut and paste graphic waveform editing 
bulletEdits made to single sample resolution 
bulletStereo or four track analog recorded with the lowest noise floor
bulletUp to 64 stereo tracks can be mixed together in a project 
bulletDirect digital transfers to and from DAT and CD 
bulletRearrange audio in any order; crossfaded or butt-spliced 
bulletBuild multiple stereo track mixes of over lapping audio 
bulletAutomatically adjust individual gain after songs are placed in a project 
bulletChase lock audio to SMPTE 
bulletDigital sample rate conversions 
bulletDigital EQ, reverb, delay, processing 
bulletDigital Compressor/Limiter 
bulletIn-house effects library, or record your own 
bulletRecord dialog (audio) direct to disk for editing and mixing with SFX and music tracks 
bulletTime scaling, pitch shifting, vocal/instrument tuning

Custom CD Masters

bulletAudio restoration 
bulletRe-master and archive old analog tape masters to CD 
bulletCDs created to redbook format w/PQ code (pre-mastered) 
bulletCD duplication/quanities
bulletCustom CD labels with color graphics 

Midi Studio

bulletUse midi synths, drum machines, SFX, dialog, sequencers to create tracks 

Digital Remove Noise Process

bulletDigitally remove noise, tape hiss, etc. 
bulletDigitally remaster from cassettes, analog tape, and other sources 


MicroSound digital audio workstation by Micro Technology Unlimited
by Steinberg
by MTU
by MTU
by MTU
by MTU
Sound Forge
by Sonic Foundry
DirectX Plugins
Sonic Foundry
Acid Music
by Sonic Foundry
Dart Pro
- Digital Audio Restoration Technology
Wave Convert Pro
by Waves Ltd.
T.C. Electronics
digital audio processing
Various Plug-ins