"Back in Time" is the debut CD from The Vintage Mandolin Quartet. I like David Grisman's concept for "Tone Poems" and the concept for our CD is similar. Each song has a different grouping of vintage instruments. For instance, "Funiculi, Funicula" is played with a 1924 Gibson Style J Mando Bass, 1916 Gibson Style O Guitar, 1924 Gibson K-2 Mando Cello, 1912 Gibson F-4 Mandolin and 1905 Gibson A-4 Mandolin (rhythm). "Stardust" was recorded with a 1950s Kay K1 8901 Guitar, 1996 Gilchrist Mando Cello, 1993 Gilchrist Model 5 Mandolin and Ron's unknown 1940s Upright Bass. "Ah! Marie" features a 1919 Lyon & Healy Style A Mando Cello, 1917 Lyon & Healy Style A Mandola, 1920s Lyon & Healy Style A Mandolin, 1980s Classical M. Horabe Model 35 Guitar, and the unknown 1940's Upright Bass.

Here's a sample of some of the songs on "Back in Time" and photos:


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Click on the song links below for more photos and information on each song:

1.  Bolero Opus 26  No 1 (1898)

2.  My Romance (1935)

3.  Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans (1947)

4.  Funiculi, Funicula (1882)

5.  Ah! Marie (1910)

6 . El Choclo (1903)

7.  If I Fell (1964)

8.  Fieldston March

9.  Speak Softly Love (1835)

10. Texas Foxtrot (1915)

11. Ave Maria (1825)

12. Butterfly/The Swallowtail Jig

13. Stardust (1927)