My Romance
Lorenz Hart, published 1935

1929 Gibson F5 Fern Mandolin

The F-5 is a mandolin made by Gibson beginning in 1922. Some of them are referred to as Fern because the headstock is inlaid with a fern pattern. The F-5 became the most popular and most imitated American mandolin, and the best-known F-5 was owned by Bill Monroe, the father of bluegrass music, who in turn helped identify the F-5 as the ultimate bluegrass mandolin.

The F-5 was designed by Lloyd Loar, who signed all of them by date as long as he worked at Gibson—F-5s are thus identified as, for instance, "a July 9". The most famous of them all is the one he signed on July 9, 1923—the mandolin that ended up being Bill Monroe's instrument.

1996 Gilchrist Mando Cello

There was a time in the Nashville Mandolin Ensemble where a number of the guys decided to order instruments from Steve Gilchrist, the famed builder in Australia. Butch Baldassari, Charlie Derrington and Fred Carpenter ordered mandolins. Charlie also ordered a mandola and John Hedgecoth ordered a mando cello. Steve built these instruments in "classical" style. Blond finish, custom appointments and a few structural differences that his usual instruments. Apparently Steve Gilchrist only built a handful of mando cellos and this is the only one that was built in the "classical: style.

1980s Classical M. Horabe Model 35 Guitar

Unknown Maker 1940's Upright Bass

"My Romance" is a popular song, with music by Richard Rodgers and lyrics by Lorenz Hart, written for Billy Rose's musical, Jumbo (1935). In the 1962 movie version of Jumbo, Doris Day performed the song.

The song is featured in a commercial for Ralph Lauren's Romance fragrance. Over the years "My Romance" has also become identified as a sort of anthem connected with movie palaces and movie theatre organs.