Ah! Marie
Eduardo Di Capua, 1910

The theme for this song is Lyon & Healy

Founded in Chicago in 1864 by George Washburn Lyon and Patrick J. Healy, Lyon & Healy built its first harp, Model 21 #501, in 1889. It was the sincere love of music and the enterprising nature of the young and ambitious Healy which drove the company to improve an instrument already thought to be perfect. It was Healy’s covenant which set the stage for decade after decade of groundbreaking innovation in engineering and craftsmanship. His words articulate Lyon & Healy’s most basic motivation: “Let us build a harp that will no longer worry its owner because of its liability to get out of order easily; let us build a harp that will go around the world without loosening a screw.”

1919 Lyon & Healy Style A Mando Cello

1917 Lyon & Healy Style A Mandola

1920s Lyon & Healy Style A Mandolin

1980s Classical M. Horabe Model 35 Guitar

Unknown Maker American 1940s Upright Bass

Eduardo Di Capua was born in Naples in 1865. Together with the poet Giovanni Capurro, di Capua wrote the song "'O Sole mio", which has since been recorded by many singers, both classical and popular. He also wrote "Marie, Ah Marie" ("O Marie" in English), another Neopolitan song. Eduardo di Capua died in 1917 in Naples.