Dueling Banjos in The Corn Lickers, Florida 1974

With Lee Elliot, Florida 1974

Salt Creek, Florida 1974

Salt Creek, Bourbon St. LA, 1975

Salt Creek, with John McEuen 1976

Salt Creek, Atlanta 1976

Salt Creek, Atlanta 1976

Salt Creek, New Orleans 1977

Salt Creek, with John Belushi 1977

With County Gazette 1976

With Alan Munde 1976

Smitty at Judah Pe's 1977

Salt Creek, New Orleans Jazz Fest

Salt Creek, Judah Pe's 1977

Salt Creek, cool idea for a promo picture 1977

Salt Creek, Bourbon St. at Chuck's 1978

Salt Creek, Baton Rouge, 1978

At Mandolin Bros. New York 1978. I bought that F-4

Salt Creek, Halloween at Chuck's 1978

Salt Creek, with Jerry Jeff Walker 1979

Salt Creek, New Orleans Jazz Fest. 1979

Smitty at Chuck's 1979

Salt Creek, at Chuck's 1979

Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras

Salt Creek, New Orleans 1979

Salt Creek, 1979

Salt Creek with Pete Townshend at Chuch's 1980

Salt Creek, 1980

Salt Creek, 1981

At the Nashville Palace 1982

At the Nashville Palace, Merle Haggard is checking me out

With Kent Westberry 1983

On the bus with Jeannie C. Riley 1985

On the road with Jeannie C. 1985

With Jeannie C. 1986

With the Nashville Express 1987

On the Grand Ol' Opry with Jeannie C. 1989

Nashville mandolin Ensemble 1991

Nashville Manolin Ensemble 1993

NME 1994

NME recording Plectrasonics 1995

NME at Cafe Milano, Nashville 1995

Paul Zonn

NME on Columbia Records 1995

NME promo with David Grisman

NME at the Station Inn, Nashville 1996

NME at the Country Music Hall of fame

NME 1998

NME D'Addario string advertisement

Country Music USA at Opryland 1990

True Grass Band 1991

Shanie Twain Itinerary 1993

Country Music USA 1993

John Parks' (guitarist) rendition of the CMUSA Band


All of my business cards from 1966 thru 1993

In my studio 1994

CMUSA Band backs up Erica Haines 1995

At Opryland 1996

With the Patsy Cline Show, Rynam Auditorium 1996. Cool stage costume

At Opryland 1996

Nashville Music Awards - Best Classical Recording 1999

CMUSA 1997

With Bruce and Kristi 2001

Truegrass Band 2004

At the Wildhorse Saloon 2005. Yeah I know, they pay me extra to wear this silly costume.

Haines and Fitzhugh

With Trayler Paker at the Station Inn 2006

Trayler Parker and the Propane Tanks

Steel Guitar Instruction DVD 2007

Peppino D'Agostino video shoot

Peppino D'Agostino and Rob 2007

With Steve Kaufman at IBMA 2007

The Latest Redition of Trayler Parker and the Propane Tanks