Audio/Video Production in Nashville Tennessee

Here are some samples of my productions. Click on the graphic to view the video. To return hit the <BACK> button on your browser. I have a lot more samples of my work on my YouTube channel:

"I highly recommend the video work of Rob Haines. He is a seasoned professional and a fine musician. Usually, when filming dvds, I have to baby sit the entire filming. Also, I have to be involved with all of the editing because the video technician is rarely a good musician. Not so with Rob. I have turned numerous projects over to him with the assurance that he will get it right including the filming, sound quality and editing. And, his fees are among the most reasonable in the business. Finally, he is a pleasure to work with."
Bill Bay, President/CEO Mel Bay Publications


Besides operating a camera, I did all of the editing and post-production and DVD authoring.

Lesson sample from Steve Kaufman's Figuring Out the Fingerboard, a Flatpicker's Guide to Improvising

"Rob Haines was the man behind most of my Homespun DVDs. He was top shelf all the way. From the lighting to the camera angels to the editing. Always with new ideas and concepts. Rob Haines is always on the pulse of the video production scene so you know that the job will say "Wow". And that's the bottom line that we all want. A professional, up to date project. Thanks Rob - You da man."
Steve Kaufman - National Flatpick Guitar Champion

Lesson Sample from Butch Baldassari's Bluegrass Mandolin Workshop.

 I collaborated with Butch on all of his projects and for other publishers thru 2002. We did audio multi-track recording, digital editing, CD mastering as well as transcriptions, music notation and engraving. This is the last project I did with Butch.



Lesson sample from Bryan Sutton's Secrets for Successful Flatpicking




Anyone Can Play E9 Pedal Steel Guitar taught by Rob Haines.

Oh my gosh, how did I manage to produce an instruction DVD and be the "talent" at the same time? (Magic)





For all of these examples I was the producer (or co-producer), director, and camera operator. I did all of the editing and post-production and DVD authoring.

Ana Vidovic - Guitar Artistry in Concert
Rob Haines was an absolute delight to work with! From the moment I met him, I knew that the filming of our DVD was going to be a memorable experience. He worked very hard throughout the entire shoot, had great ideas and was very professional. I also found him very inspiring to work with. He is a true professional and perfectionist and I would highly recommend him to everyone. He is also very personable, kind and has a wonderful sense of humor that puts everyone around him at ease. I'm very thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Rob. Thank you for your wonderful work!"
Ana Vidovic


Rob Ickes - Contemporary Dobro© Artistry

"Rob Haines is a true pro. Great to work with and a great final product,
what more could you ask for! I'd recommend him in a heartbeat."

Rob Ickes


Frank Vignola - Live At the Sheldon

"Rob Haines was not only a joy to work with a completely professional attitude but his good sense of humor put my band at ease and made it easy to perform under high stress situation of recording a live DVD. A real pro!"
Frank Vignola


Peppino D'Agostino - Contemporary Fingerstyle Artistry

"Rob Haines is a true master of his craft. His desire for perfection, attention to the details and command of the live recording technology sets him apart from the crowd. It was certainly a growing experience to work with him and a pleasure to see and hear the final results of my Mel Bay DVD. Thank you Rob!"
Peppino D'Agostino



Alex de Grassi in Concert




Richard Smith: Fingerstyle Artistry

"In the high stress situation of cutting a studio DVD when you only have half a day to do it, you want to make sure that you're completely focused on your own performance and not have to worry about all the other technical aspects of recording. Rob Haines' relaxed and measured method made this so easy for everyone involved in the shoot. We all felt totally at ease during taping and finished the session with lots of time to spare. He took the reigns at all the right moments and we ended up with a great product that from my own perspective, was a lot of fun, and a breeze to produce. I wouldn't hesitate to use Rob again in my next DVD venture."
Richard Smith~Finger Picking Virtuoso


Kathie Hill Music. For a typical Children's Christian Musical project first we create the audio portion. The tracks are recorded at Ricky Skaggs' studio. I then take the tracks, record dialog, sound effects, etc., edit,  assemble and master the audio. Then I create CDs for replication/duplication and create MP3s. Then we create a video instruction DVD and the last thing is to make a promo for the video.

Since 1994 Rob Haines has played a major role in the consistent quality of my audio and video production. In both equipment and expertise, he stays up to date in the latest advancements and technology making Rob Haines Studio the fastest, safest way to complete an video or recording you can be proud of.
Kathie Hill
Kathie Hill Music
Dove Award winning kid's music producer

Frank Vignola. After I produced Frank's performance DVD, he asked me to put together a promo for booking purposes.



Lydia Salnikova is most known for her work as lead vocalist and keyboard player for the Grammy-nominated band Bering Strait. She's gone solo and here's the promo I produced for her.


An Evening With the Jordanaires. One of the groups I perform with did some shows backing up the Joranaires. We put this promo together for booking purposes.



Kim Carnes. Kim's husband and myself created this promo for booking purposes. A lot of the clips came from older videos but I created some new things and put it all together.



Hermie and Friends. The original video was created by the amination "big boys" out in Hollywood. But I took the original and edited several new versions for Word Music. I did a lot of the new graphics and effects. This is a promo for the digital resource kit.


Moody Bluegrass Volume II promo with Dave Harvey. I shot this promo in Ricky Scaggs' studio where they were recording the CD project.



Rob Haines Studio Demo. When I put together my first video editing system I created this demo. It's a little dated now, but I haven't had time to update it. Although I've upgraded my editing systems and video gear, it does show some good examples of my work, graphics, effects, etc.

Rob Haines Studio Demo, Part 1 of 2. I got the sky diving clips from a buddy, no, I don't jump out of airplanes. It shows some of my (old) gear and software.


Rob Haines Studio Demo, Part 2 of 2. An assortment of music videos, commercials, and concept videos.




"BLUE RIBBON" by Trayler Parker and the Propane Tanks.
The late and great Charlie Derrington was in the band and video at the time. Now, how did I produce and appear in the video at the same time? (magic)


Television and Commercials:

Ireland's Restaurant commercial.



Artist to Artist - Music City 103 TV. "Bumper" for television show.



Harley-Davidson of Cool Springs commercial.