Audio/Video Production in Nashville Tennessee

Location Shoots/Post-Production/Graphics/DVD Authoring

   Location Shoots, Three Professional 3CCD DV Video Cameras
    Video Editing, Two Separate Video Editing Systems (Networked)
    Post-Production, Complete Program Mastering
    Custom Graphics/Animations and Digital Juice Stock Animations and Graphics
    Video Restoration, Typically from BetaSP or 3/4"
    Video for Websites, Windows Media, Real Video, Quicktime and More
    DVD Authoring, From Basic to Graphic Intensive, Motion Menus
    DVD/VHS Duplication
    Extensive Sound Effects Library
    Voice-Over Booth
    Tape Formats: SVHS, High8, 3/4" Umatic, BetaSP, DVCam, MiniDV


bulletFull-quality, dual-stream real-time HD performance Optional Real-Time HD/SD 3D DVE
bulletCompressed and Uncompressed (8/10-bit) Video
bulletOutstanding Format Flexibility: 1080i, 1080PsF, 720p
bulletHD-SDI I/O and IEEE-1394 HDV Support
bulletMulti-Stream Real-Time SD Editing (8 video streams plus graphics streams)
bulletAward-Winning Velocity Software Interface
bulletReal-Time HD/SD Color Correction
bulletPanasonic VariCam Variable Frame Rate Processing
bulletFully-Integrated, Full-Quality Multi-Camera Editing
bulletS-video, composite, and Y, R-Y, B-Y component video input/output
bulletComponent Beta SP quality, Sony UVW source/mastering deck
bulletTimeline editing with unlimited video and audio tracks
bulletReal time playback of video/audio/transitions
bulletAudio and video scrubbing during editing
bullet200+ customizable real time transitions
bulletScrolling rendered titles with border, transparency and shadow FX
bulletOver 60 combinable video filters and FX including picture-in-picture, pan/zoom, chroma/luma keying, and more
bulletVideo screen animation for producing flying video on curved motion paths with 2D and 3D FX
bulletAdvanced title generation, including real time still titles
bulletRecord voice-overs, sound FX, foley
bulletExtensive CD music and sound effects library
bulletExtensive art library or import (scan) new artwork, photos, logos
bulletCD-ROM recording


bulletVelocityHD - primary editing, transitions, effects
bulletTitle Motion Pro - character generation, titles
bulletPhotoshop - graphics package
bulletDigital Fusion - composting and effects
bulletInfini-D - 3D animation
bulletDVD Menu Studio - menus, graphics
bulletScenarist by Sonic - DVD Authoring
bulletSound Forge - audio processing, sweetening
bulletAcid Music - quick royalty-free custom audio tracks

MicroSound digital audio workstation:

bulletNon-destructive cut and paste graphic waveform editing
bulletAudio processing including time scaling, pitch shifting, d-noise
bulletDirect digital transfers to and from DAT and CD
bulletChase lock audio to time code, sync to video
bulletAudio restoration

TC Electronics processing:

bulletDigital EQ, compression, professional mastering
bulletAudio sweetening

Tascam DA-88 synced to full Midi studio:

bulletOriginal music, jingles, full production audio tracks